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Last week at Expo West, the largest natural products trade show in the world, I had the privilege to interview three natural products leaders who successfully sold their businesses to larger companies.  

The theme of the panel was "selling without selling out."  As someone who cares a lot about my family's health, and the future of the food system, this was a fascinating conversation.  "Big food" is scrambling to survive as many 100 year old brands are starting to lose traction, and companies like Campbell's, General Mills, Kelloggs, Kraft and Danone are snapping up better-for-you brands like Justin's, Annie's, and Noosa Yogurt.

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Join Olomomo's Founder, Justin Perkins, on a quick tour of the Olomomo Nut Factory near Boulder, Colorado.  Video featured on New Hope Network.  

#NuttyGoodAdventure women Georgina Miranda, Emma Walker, Elizabeth Williams, and Jessica Hamel train for climbing Pico de Orizaba, the highest peak in Mexico.

Ten years ago, Georgina Miranda couldn't even run a mile.  Then she read an article about atrocities in Congo that inspired her to make a difference.

Jane Goodall Owning the DashHave you ever had the itch to do something extraordinary?  A dream?  An idea of a better way to live, or a call to adventure?

If you have, that voice in your head is OLOMOMO, the monkey god of adventure, nudging you to "go for it!"

At OLOMOMO, we're all about living the dream.  Or more specifically, "owning the dash."

Here's the story of where "owning the dash" originated:


One may think the history of almonds wasn’t as exciting and flavorful before OLOMOMO...
However, humans have been incorporating almonds, and roasted almonds, into their daily lives for a long time. Archeologists have found evidence of roasted nuts as far back as 10,000 years ago. They have long been the ultimate survival food for primates like us.

My name is Justin Perkins, I’m the founder of this nutty, adventurous little business called Olomomo. Here’s my story.  Watch the video above that captures the essence of our origins on The Cooking Channel, or read on.  I hope it inspires you.


It’s no secret now that most nuts are a wonderful source of healthy fats and nutrients if eaten in moderation.  

I designed Olomomo as a way to fit a very active and busy lifestyle, provide a healthy snack, and not sacrifice on flavor. Here are five easy ways that I've integrated nuts into my lifestyle to stay fueled, satisfied, increase metabolism, and enjoy life.


Most of the people I deeply admire on this planet have an attitude of gratitude.

There she was, an LA girl who just as easily rocks the high heels, approaching the summit of Everest. And she had to turn back due to hypoxia (lack of sufficient oxygen) –a common effect of high altitude climbing.

cashew fruit olomomo
(photo by Eric Gaba – Wikimedia Commons user: Sting)


Cashews are perhaps the most mysterious of all nuts. I mean, look at that thing.

But do you know why you never see a cashew sold in a shell?

Most tree nuts aren’t really “nuts” after all. They’re the kernel of drupes, or stone fruits, that have a fleshy part surrounding a shell with a pit inside.