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Almond Benefits for Skin and Hair Can Give You a Healthy Summer Glow

Almonds are a tasty, healthy snack, but did you also know that they're great for giving you a fabulous summer glow? Learn about almond benefits for skin and hair so you can look gorgeous all summer long.

Are Nuts Paleo and Keto Diet Friendly? You Bet!

Both paleo and keto are low carb diets that are very effective. Are nuts paleo and keto friendly? You bet they are! Read on to learn a little about both diets and why nuts make a great snack option.

Mother's Day, How Did it Begin?

The roots of Mother's Day can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans who held celebrations for the mother goddesses.

3 Almond Recipes Ideal for Healthy Eating

Almonds are packed full of potassium, calcium, vitamin E and several other healthy components, and that's what makes it the superfood it is!

Studies suggest that eating almonds daily can help reduce cholesterol and even aid in weight loss.

With these almond recipes ideal for healthy eating, you can be sure your body will thank for the added nutrients.

5 Healthy, and Energy-Packed Snacks for Hiking

Not sure what snacks to bring on your next outdoor adventure? This article will highlight 5 delicious, energy-packed snacks for hiking.

5 Simple Exercises You Can Do at Home

Struggling to find the time to go to the gym? Then be sure to check out this article. Click here to discover 5 simple exercises you can do at home.

You know that eating right and exercising regularly are key to good health, but the hectic pace of family life can make getting to the gym a real challenge. The good news is that with a little creativity, you can still get a great workout!

Check out these easy exercises you can do at home.

5 Reasons You Should Include Almonds for Healthier Eating

Is your New Year's resolution to jumpstart your healthy eating?

A clean diet can transform your life. Eating healthier can improve your overall energy levels, help you achieve weight loss goals, and even impact your relationships.

If you're looking for a way to start 2018 on the right foot, you should definitely buy almonds to add to your diet.

Read on to learn why almonds should be an essential component of your dietary pla

7 Holiday Travel Hacks

by Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathonman and World Traveler

airplane, airliner, travel, nuts, snacks, almonds, cashews, travel hacks, travel advice

With the holidays approaching, many of us will be traveling to visit friends and family. Travel these days is never easy, especially airline travel. Here are seven tips that might make your adventures a little more pleasant.

Have you ever tried to hollow out a turnip like a Jack O'Lantern?

Well, apparently our Halloween tradition of pumpkin carving originated in Ireland about two hundred years ago.  

A trickster named Jack made a deal with the devil that he would "never go to hell."