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Olomomo Nut Company won a business plan contest

How cool is that? Yesterday, with the help of Peter Genuardi, my brother Dave Perkins, and Louisa Jenkins (and lots of great advice from older brothers, friends and smart advisors), we won ourselves a little contest at the Bard Center for Entrepreneurship, where I did my MBA program. I’m just tickled. The little check in the picture below will sure help us grow our business a bit, and we’ll be signing on with the Boulder Innovation Center this summer to help take things forward.

I think we have a chance to do something fun and useful here – create the best darn nut products available, and solve the “protein problem” in coffee shops while we’re at it. I guess the judges agreed.
Justin Perkins and Olomomo win Bard Center Business Plan Contest

It was really gratifying that two local natural and organic companies placed top two in a contest dominated by tech companies. Even more gratifying that the second place winner was The Organic Dish. Um, we use their kitchen to roast our nuts by moonlight. They’re our landlords. How funny is that? They had a really great presentation, and I highly recommend their organic food ready to bake in 15 mins – super delish.

So now that we finally have something to talk about, we decided to get Olomomo a little twitter feed – follow us here: @olomomo.

In the pic: Rutt Bridges, a local politician, entrepreneur and investor; Justin Perkins, Founder and CEO of Olomomo Nut Company, and Catherine Kunst, Executive Director of the Bard Center for Entrepreneurship.


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