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3 Ways eating nuts supports a healthy mind

June is Alzheimers & Brain Awareness Month and the perfect time to remember that eating nuts is good for your mind! Research has shown that eating nuts at least 5 times a week has significant positive effects toward improved brain function. Use the discount code BRAINHEALTH20 to get 20% OFF nuts!

Top 3 Reasons to let nuts go straight to your head
Research continues to show that eating nuts greatly improves brain function. Nuts contain healthy fats, fiber and antioxidents But not all nuts are created equal. 

1. Almonds & Vitamin EAlmonds appear to come out on top when it comes to brain health. A healthy intake of Vitamin E has been linked to reductions in age-related degradation of the mind. Almonds, along with hazelnuts, have the highest concentration of Vitamin E in the nut category. 

2. Almonds battle dementia: Studies show that eating daily doses of almonds appropriate to body weight, roughly a handful per day for the average human, showed improved memory while reversing a form of drug-induced amnesia.* Almonds also decreased the levels of an enzyme that breaks down a neurotransmitter (acetylcholine) in the brain associated with increased attention and awareness. Maintaining healthy levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine is necessary for warding of dementia and blocking the formation of protein plaque. Further studies may eventually prove that eating almonds restores memory loss and improves cognitive function in patients suffering from Alzheimer's.

3. The MIND diet does not discriminate, claiming that snacking daily on nuts in general is the best way to get your healthy fats, while significantly reducing the ingestion of red meat, butter, cheese and fried foods**. The MIND diet combines the elements of the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet. Studies of the MIND diet show that it reduces the risk of developing Alzheimers Disease by 53%. For those who have already begun to develop the disease, the MIND diet was proven to slow the rate of cognitive decline.

So grab one of our 1.25oz snack packages next time you see it in on the shelf of Cost Plus World Market or your local convenience store. We recommend stocking up and ordering an Adventure Pack. Use the discount code BRAINHEALTH20 during the month of June to get 20% OFF!

Be nutty, be good, be adventurous...and eat nuts to stay sharp!


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