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A little Bike to Work Week inspiration from Dave and Olomomo

Need a little inspiration for Bike to Work Week? Meet our friend Dave. He commutes to work via bike almost every day of the year. That's right. Not just in summer when it's gorgeous out and the weather is perfect for biking, Dave bikes to work in the winter, even when it's below freezing!

For Dave, biking is a way to maintain his stress-free approach to work and life. It helps keep the balance. 

Dave descends 20 miles and almost 3000 feet from his home in Nederland to his office on the eastern side of Boulder, CO. He weaves through remote mountain trails that few people know about, connects to paved roads and concrete bike paths, through snow, rain, sleet, or sunshine, all year round.

Now, doesn't biking to work for only ONE WEEK seem doable? Take the challenge, it's guaranteed to make your work day more tolerable!

When you are battling the elements of 20 degree variance in weather, lightening, rain, snow, and blazing hot sun, all the important aspects of human life come to light. Hydration, regulated body temperature, and food that refuels our amazing bodies become paramount to deadlines and spreadsheets that never end. Its easy to maintain a positive, stress-reduced approach to interactions with coworkers and clientele when you've proven that essence of pushing your body's limits and being human is as easy as riding a bike. 

Let Olomomo help refuel you as you take on the challenge to bike to work this week. Use the discount code BIKE2WORK and save 25% off in our online store throughout the week.

So, grab some nuts and your helmet and make biking to work your adventure for one week. Adventure is not only an attitude, but a form of sanity. 

Be good, be nutty, be adventurous!

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