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The History of Almonds as told by Olomomo.


One may think the history of almonds wasn’t as exciting and flavorful before OLOMOMO...

However, humans have been incorporating almonds, and roasted almonds, into their daily lives for a long time. Archeologists have found evidence of roasted nuts as far back as 10,000 years ago. They have long been the ultimate survival food for primates like us. 

It has been rumored that even as far back as 100 AD, Romans showered their newlyweds with almonds for good luck.

As far as we know, almonds originated in the Middle East, North Africa, and India, and then spread to Europe and other parts of Asia.

As the popular almond tree began to flourish all over Europe, some adventurers had a nutty idea - they wanted to bring the seed from Spain to the perfect climate of California's Central Valley.   

These adventurous souls couldn’t know that 80 percent of the world’s almonds would soon be produced in California alone, keeping snackers healthy and full across the world. But it would be quite a while before almonds evolved to be seen as a premium snack nut.  They were viewed for quite awhile as a less desirable alternative to peanuts and pecans.

And now the US is exporting a significant percentage of their production to China to meet the growing demand for snacking.  

Fast forward to today, and almonds are the most popular nut in the world. And this is what came from a few adventurous humans with the idea of bringing a seed across the ocean.

Here are a few other fun facts about almonds that you can share with your friends, next time you’re eating your Olomomo almonds at a party (ideally with a good beer):

  • Almonds are not actually a nut, but the seed of a drupe - a fleshy fruit with thin skin and a central stone containing the seed. Plums, cherries, almond, and olives are also drupes. 
  • Roasted almonds maintain the monounsaturated fats that are heart healthy and good for you.  
  • Roasting actually intensifies the color and flavor of the almond.
  • Our favorite use of Olomomo almonds? On a salad, on ice cream, in your backpack or pocket, or with coffee or beer.  

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Mark Owens

CEO, Olomomo Nut Company

Sources: http://www.almonds.com/consumers/about-almonds/history-of-almonds?mobile=1

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