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How Olomomo will improve your 2017 Solar Eclipse experience

A little late in purchasing protective eyewear for the eclipse and now there are none left?

No problem.

You don't have to blind yourself trying to see the eclipse on Monday, Olomomo's got you covered.

Here's a little eclipes-viewing trick using an Olomomo single serve, grab-n-go pack, a flat light-colored surface area, and the sun. 

Using the same principles explained in this link from timeanddate.com, you can use the peg hole in the single-serve bag as a pinhole to project the shadow of the moon crossing over the sun onto a light surface. You could even use the sidewalk! 

Tip: Do not try to wear an Olomomo bag on your eyes. It is not an approved eclipse-viewing device. If you do not heed our advice on this, you definitely deserve a Darwin Award. 

Take advantage of our 2017 Eclipse sale and save 15% OFF in our online store using the discount code ECLIPSE. 

Happy viewing! 

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