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Jelly Beans vs. Olomomo's Cherry Vanilla Almonds

olomomo cherry vanilla almonds for easterLooking for an alternative to jelly beans for this weekend’s festivities?   To this day, Jelly Belly jelly beans are my favorite way to satisfy a candy craving. But having kids has made me think twice about the amount of sugar my family ingests.  Check out the head to head comparison (I know, I know, who's going to stop eating Jelly Beans for Easter, but this is pretty eye-opening).

 One serving (28g) of jelly beans:

  • 105 Calories 
    • 105 cal from carbohydrates
  • 26g Carbohydrates
    • 0.1g Fiber 
    • 19.6g Sugar
  • 0g Protein


One serving (30g) of Olomomo Cherry Vanilla Almonds:

  • 160 Calories 
    • 110 cal from fat - the good kind of fat…
    • 50 cal from carbohydrates
  • 11g Carbohydrates
    • 3g Fiber
    • 8g Sugars
  • 5g Protein

 Get your sweet fix with protein and fiber for lower negative impact

  • Jelly beans have more than double the sugar than our Cherry Vanilla Almonds.
  • Almonds have protein, jelly beans have none.
  • Almonds have fiber, jelly beans have almost none. Remember, fiber gives you that satiated feeling, which means you eat less and feel full longer 
  • Studies show that protein can help reduce, or even prevent, the negative effects of sugar on your body, i.e. the spike, and then the crash.

We'll get to work on the jelly-bean flavor nut for ya.  But meantime, kids of all ages love the Cherry Vanilla Almonds.  

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