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Olomomo launches Applewood Smoked Cashews at Expo West - scores "Best Paleo Snack" award

Olomomo wins best paleo friendly snack applewood smoked cashews

Along with a new packaging look, we rolled out our newest flavor "Applewood Smoked Cashews."  

From the package: "Olomomo called his exotic monkey cousins in the jungle to harvest kernels from the mysterious cashew fruit trees. OLOMOMO infuses smoke captured from a secret blend of apple trees and alder wood and lightly roasts the cashews with a pinch of sea salt. Close your eyes and escape back to the calm crackling comfort of the smoky campfire. (Some say it tastes like bacon for vegans)."

Ingredients: Fair Trade Cashews, Organic Safflower Oil, Smoked Sea Salt, Natural Smoke Flavoring, Love, Escape (and the experience of bacon without any animals involved).

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