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Olomomo vs. "healthy" snack bar nutritional comparison

We often just want to believe the "healthy" claims on packages. Ignorance is bliss, who has time to read ALL of the labels out there?! When you see a popular organic snack bar on the shelf, and you're in a rush, and you want to have a "healthy" snack option, you snag the box of popular, organic snack bars. Right? 

I mean, how bad can it be if it's organic?

Well, we love a good snack bar once in awhile, too, but if you take a look at the head to head comparison of the nutritional content vs. Olomomo's Cherry Vanilla Almonds, who do you think will win?  


Notice that Cherry Vanilla Almonds have 30% less sugar and 2.5 times more protein than this bar. While sugars are faster for the body to break down and can be more quickly converted into energy, protein is the better choice for sustained energy. Because protein takes longer to break down than sugar, it provides a longer-lasting energy boost. And the non-organic version of this bar has almost double the amount of sugar!

Also notice that there is 3g of fiber in each snack, making both of them a good source of fiber. However, this snack bar has 100% more sodium than Olomomo's Cherry Vanilla Almonds!

All Olomomo nuts are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, B-Corp Certified, and made with 100% love. 

Also try our Sea Salt Vinegar Almonds and Applewood Smoked Cashews - both have NO ADDED SUGAR.

So, stock up today on Olomomo nuts. The single serve 12-packs are awesome for school lunches!

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