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Top 5 reasons to go ape over Olomomo's NEW single-serve snack packs!

The moment you've all been waiting for has finally arrived!!!!...That is, if you've been waiting for our top selling nuts to come in neat, travel-size sacks that you can take on any adventure.

...And especially if that adventure is dropping your first born off at sleepover camp with enough snacks to satisfy the constant hunger that all growing children seem to have.

Top 5 Reasons to GO APE over the NEW single-serve snack packs:

#1. Proportional Awesomeness: Our 1.25oz bags are perfectly portionedloosely measuring as a 'handful', to deliver the recommended daily amount of nuts. 

#2. Conveniently sized:  Our single serves are designed to fit in your backpack, purse, bike shorts, running shorts, gym bag, yoga bag, re-usable shopping bag, diaper bag, desk drawer, glove box... The list is endless. Tell us where you stash your nuts on Instagram and Facebook!

#3. Great alternative to an energy bar. Nuts are high protein and fiber, making them the perfect recovery fuel. Protein helps your muscles recover after a long hike or a morning run. But you don't need to run a marathon to enjoy these snacks. Both protein and fiber are the ideal, quick pick-me-up on that day you spend running errands all over town. Combine the health benefits with great flavors like Cherry Vanilla, Cinnamon Cayenne, Sea Salt & Vinegar and Applewood-smoked and you've got a match made in heaven.

#4. Kids love them too. Overheard on the trail: "Can i get some of those monkey nuts". The new single-serve are just the right snack size to throw in lunches and backpacks; excellent for camp, school (it'll be here soon), and sports practices. 

#5. They're on sale! Just for reading this you get 25% OFF using code TRAVELSIZE25 in our online store

So take advantage of our deal, stash your nuts wherever you'd like, and...
Be Nutty, Be Good, Be Adventurous!

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