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What does "owning the dash" mean to you?

Jane Goodall Owning the DashHave you ever had the itch to do something extraordinary?  A dream?  An idea of a better way to live, or a call to adventure?

If you have, that voice in your head is OLOMOMO, the monkey god of adventure, nudging you to "go for it!"

At OLOMOMO, we're all about living the dream.  Or more specifically, "owning the dash."

Here's the story of where "owning the dash" originated:

"When I was a kid growing up in Chicago in the 1960's, I used to wander around old cemeteries. I loved thinking about the stories behind the numbers and names on the grave stones.  Then, it occurred to me, I can't control the number on the left, or the number on the right, but that dash in the middle?  That dash is MINE."

I got chills when my friend and Olomomo advisor, Michael Aisner, told me that story.  And he has definitely owned his dash - living a life of adventure chasing solar eclipses around the globe, couch surfing, interviewing famous people like Mohammed Ali, Louie Armstrong, Jane Goodall, and changing the lives of hundreds of people he's inspired.  

And speaking of Jane Goodall, she sure has owned her dash, hasn't she?  Setting off to Africa in 1957, doing breakthrough research, and then spending decades traveling the world, 300 days a year, teaching us to respect the planet, one conversation at a time.  And Michael Aisner is now working on a feature movie about her life to capture the untold story.

Creating OLOMOMO is my biggest adventure, to date, besides of course marrying an incredible woman and raising two wonderful daughters.  It's a huge part of my "dash."

And we want to hear about yours.  #NuttyGoodAdventure.

Thanks for supporting our dream, and also the families of my team who work very hard to bring you a remarkable experience, wrapped on almonds, pecans and cashews every day.  

Own the dash.  And thanks for making Olomomo part of the fuel for your adventures. 


Janet on March 10 2017 at 02:53PM

Very interesting and kind of exciting to think about. I,m older than dirt, not too healthy but I always wanted to fly a Blue Angel jet. Maybe I,ll be able to think of something that,s more reasonable for me to do, but a lot of fun also. Thanks for at least putting the thoughts in my head. Sometimes old people stop thinking about what a fun thing to do would be. Hope a lot of old fogies read this. God bless and have fun.

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