The Olomomo Story:

OLOMOMO is the monkey god of adventure - the voice in your head that says “go for it.”  (I say "OLO."  You say "MOMO."  There.  Now you can say it).

He infuses small batches of craft roasted nuts with magical flavors for us humans. A unique superfood blended with simple, natural ingredients from all over the world, these nuts might inspire you to be a righteous, bodacious, unstoppable superhuman. So go for it... Be nutty, be good, be adventurous.

Justin Perkins  launched OLOMOMO Nut Company in Boulder, Colo. in 2008 with a simple mission:   create a tastier, healthier nut snack and create the first socially and environmentally conscious nut company in the process.

The innovative brand experience and products are designed to inspire people to be more nutty, good and adventurous.

From humble origins at Colorado farmers markets – sampling one nut at a time – to a national debut on the Cooking Channel, OLOMOMO is quickly becoming a national brand with distribution in thousands of retail locations.  New Hope Media picked us as “one of the top 10 brands to watch” in 2014 and chose our Applewood Smoked Cashews as "best Paleo snack" in 2016.  Amazing growth is happening.

The product is mainly sold through natural grocery stores such as Whole Foods and Natural Grocers Vitamin Cottage.  We're picking up new grocery stores, coffee shops and smoothie shops such as Smoothie King across the country.  In July of 2016, we launched in 500 RiteAid stores, and started gaining traction in Sprouts, Safeway, Albertsons and even 7-Eleven.  In 2016, Olomomo sold over 400,000 units in about 2700 retail locations and online via Amazon.

Our company is committed to developing fun, healthy products that infuse the exotic with the familiar and make your mouth water.  We only use simple, real, natural ingredients, including fair trade and organic when possible.  All of our products are certified non-GMO and Gluten Free.