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Mango Chipotle Almonds (6-pack)


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The Flavor experience:

These original, protein-packed kettle-roasted almonds might take your brain to Mexico where OLOMOMO rules the jungle. You’ll pucker at first with the tangy mango, and then a full course of sweetness, a touch of saltiness, and a mild spicy kicker unfold. The contrast of the smoky chipotle chilis lingers until you repeat the experience. It’s a transcendent rush you’ll want over and over again till you escape the jungle, reach the beach, and grab a margarita or cerveza to chill.

Ingredients: Almonds, Mango Powder, Fair Trade Organic Sugar, Chipotle, Sea Salt, Love and Zing.

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Olomomo is on a mission to create the tastiest snacks in the world. We’ve developed a flavor for everyone, and our nuts are a favorite of athletes, moms, and foodies. We aim to find the highest quality ingredients and create delightful products that push your taste buds to new levels of happiness. All of our products are low in sugar and sodium, and we aim to help spread health, joy, and an attitude of goodness and adventure that everyone can achieve. Be nutty. Be good. Be adventurous.

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